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[August 21, 2018] OK2BK Kunjungan ke Lab B205 dan AJ203

[August 21, 2018] Sidang Terbuka Doktoral Dr. Rachmad Setiawan, ST., MT

[August 20, 2018] Orientasi Keprofesian dan Kompetensi Berbasis Kurikulum 2018

[August 01, 2018] Kunjungan Industri PT Sinko Prima Alloy


[July 9, 2018] Kunjungan Mahasiswa Internasional Program COMMTech Camp 2018

CommTECH Camp is an opportunity for university students, academics, and professionals from all over the world to learn about community and global issues through a variety of insightful but fun activities. The program includes courses, visitation and discussion with government and non-government agencies, societal engagement, Indonesian language courses, learning traditional music and dances, visit to main tourist destinations, and for sure tasting delicious Indonesian food. The aim of this program is to facilitate an opportunity to better understand ITS’s expertise in technology implementation within the society while visiting, discovering, and experiencing Indonesia’s diverse heritage and culture. It will also open up an opportunity to exchange ideas and develop a mutual goal for the future of our community.

[May 25, 2018] Pelatihan Asisten Praktikum Laboratorium

[May 24, 2018] Studi Lapangan RSI Jemursari


[May 11, 2018] Kuliah Tamu Anatomi Fisiologi Special Topics On Medical Anatomy And Physiology

[April 26, 2018] Latihan Kesiapan Kondisi Darurat

[April 25, 2018] Syukuran Akreditasi “A” BAN-PT Departemen Teknik Biomedik